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Engineering Inspection Services, Inc. has assisted homebuyers, real estate professionals, investors and property managers with our comprehensive service of home inspections.

This website has been prepared to assist the homebuyer or owner with some of the general questions that arise concerning some of the technical aspects of homes and home ownership.

The topics are note intended to be exhaustive but to merely shed light on some of the mysteries surrounding various elements of homes and buildings. Every attempt has been made to be as accurate as possible and no liability is assumed by either Engineering Inspections Services, Inc. or the author. Additional links are provided to other more informative sites.

The author, Robert Bodensteiner, is a graduate of the University of Washingtonís school of Engineering and has specialized in the inspection of homes and buildings for prospective buyers since 1983. Mr. Bodensteiner continually pursues answers and solutions to the ever-changing demands of home ownership. This website will hopefully be of benefit to those who not only own homes but are contemplating the purchase of a home.


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